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 I was delighted to be asked to exhibit some of my Tokyo prints in this amazing Japanese bakery, please come along if you are in the neighbourhood or view the portfolio page on this website for further details of my work.

I was delighted to be asked to exhibit some of my Tokyo prints in this amazing Japanese bakery, please come along if you are in the neighbourhood or view the portfolio page on this website for further details of my work.






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Hosted by Noiascape

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I am very excited to be collaborating on this project and look forward to my work being on display for this exhibition. Its a project I have been looking forward to as it involves bringing the community of W12 together through art. We are engaging with the people of W12 to tell us about the journeys they take within the area and asking them to photograph a place, person and an object and tell us why it is special to them. Photographs will be displayed during the exhibition. 

Hosted by Noiascape

This free exhibition is part of a six months programme of events hosted by Noiascape. It is a speculation upon the future of London’s High Streets exploring new social spaces, with a range of makers, artists, retailers and local organisations.

Noiascape is a modern infrastructure for urban renting. A new approach committed to creating alternate ways to live and work in cities. We believe that living in cities is a social experience established by meeting and interacting with people. So we’re creating a network of spaces across the city that can be accessed by a Noiscape ‘Community’.


If you live in W12 and would like to be involved and have your photographs exhibited, please see below details and email photographs to




Location: Jardins de Metis, Canada

Collaboration Project with Landscape Architect practice ETLA

Project Theme: 
Playsages II – Go Outside and Play!

Project Title: 'Poetry in the Canopies'

Proposal:  4 curved, elegant, tall, tapering periscope shelters within the woodland, which bring views of skies and tree canopies down to earth and an opportunity to reorientate oneself, seeing beyond the woods and the trees. The forms echo the roundness of trees, and provide comfort and shelter to wanderers, and to reconnect with nature.

Places to stop, dwell, rejuvenate, and gain a more intimate relationship with the world. 
These are small structures located on the 4 compass points, north, east, south and west. They offer an alternative, contemplative and playful view of the world which we seldom see, perhaps the canopies of the trees at sunset, perhaps a bird’s nest, perhaps a squirrel foraging. The periscopes would be timber structures, which would be in dialogue with the woodland, merging seasonally through the natural cycles.

 Image courtesy of  ETLA

Image courtesy of ETLA

Previous Exhibitions

I am currently exhibiting my work at the lovely ‘Laveli’ Bakery in , Shepherds Bush, London. The exhibition will be on until July. This exhibition features a majority of new works only previously shown in Tokyo, December 2015. Works will continually change so please make sure and revisit!

The café area provides a wonderful space to exhibit my prints and following the success of exhibiting in Laveli's 2 other exhibition spaces, I am now pleased to be showing in Shepherds Bush and I hope everyone enjoys seeing them as they relax in the space.

If you are not a regular visitor to the bakery please take this opportunity to come along and see the work!


104 Askew Road W12 9BL

Nearest Station: Goldhawk Road
Times: Monday – Saturday 7:00am – 6:30pm / Sunday 8:00am – 6:00pm





In-between - TOKYO

Address: 5-5-12 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Bungeishunju Gallery,104-0061

Gallery telephone contact: 03-3571-6493


14-19 December, 11am-19:00pm


Saturday 19 December 11am-17:30pm


Saturday 19 December 12:30-14:30

The exhibition ‘In-between’ brings together Japanese artist MAYU and British artist Alison Heath, whom met whilst studying on MA Fine Art Printmaking Course at the Royal College of Art London in 2003.  

Although these artists have reached this point from different beginnings each through their own journey, they share a common experience; a sense of detachment to their surroundings that has led them to question the notion of in-between. Standing on the line between these two states all they offer the audiences a chance to escape the everyday and invite them into a space that although holds resemblance to reality will take them on a journey to an imaginary space located in the mind.

Nearest station: Ginza


For further information on past exhibitions please visit my CV page