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When I first set out, my investigation was of the city I experience everyday. I considered my own and others’ relationships to it, I explored what external factors dictated and altered that movement. Architecture being one, it can limit where we walk, so we have to adapt and invent other ways as Michel de Certeau suggested this improvisation of walking privileges, even transforms and abandons spatial elements for us.

I increasingly found myself not thinking about reality but imagining a space in my mind, beyond body or matter. A real that is not quite real, or an actual real but a real whose reality is virtual and therefore imaginary. One that is not constrained by our reality, potentially, our will, and our desire is what governs this space, our only limitation being our imagination.

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    RCA Secret 2013

    As one of the exhibitors I had the pleasure of attending the Artists’ Party on Friday evening. This exhibition is a real highlight as its a chance to see such a wide range of processes and ideas around the same postcard format. You also have the wonder of who the artist might be, which is the Julian Opie, Paula Rego, Christo? 

    Artists can paint, draw, sketch or even create a 3-d sculpture. Postcards are signed on the back to remain secret and sold for £45 each to raise funds for the RCA Fine Art Student Award Fund!

    Potential collectors can view all the postcards in person at the RCA in Battersea or on-line atwww.rca.ac.uk/secret from 14 March.

    All postcards go on sale on Saturday 23 March on a first come, first served basis, with a maximum of four cards per person. There will also be a raffle for collectors to win a position in the first 50 places in the queue. 



    Location: Royal College of Art, Dyson Building, 1 Hester Road, London SW11 4AS      

    Exhibition open: 14 March – 22 March 2013, 11am-6pm daily (late night opening on 21 March until 9pm)

    Sale day: Saturday 23 March 2013, 8am-6pm (raffle winners will be admitted 1 hour before general public)

    Free admission  

    For further information and to register as a collector visit: www.rca.ac.uk/secret or call 0207 590 4186


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    David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture 21 Ja 10am when it opened!

    I recently went to the Hockney show at the RA, I have always been interested in his work particularly the photographic collages such as Pearblossom Highway, which is featured in the show and was intrigued to see his recent body of work which takes us back to his birthplace of Yorkshire. This show celebrates the artists depiction of landscape and most of the works were oil paintings, charcoal and ipad drawings between 2004-2011.

    I enjoyed the show, this recent work does not have the same qualities of previous works that are closer to my own practice and interest but what was so inspiring to me is how Hockney throughout his career has embraced new technology, his thirst to continually work with a new process and try and perfect it , a constant self renewal. The number of works on show is a little overwhelming but what was fascinating to me was seeing the process behind them, the use of multiples, working with the ipad and video, this gave a real insight into Hockney’s practice and passion.

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