Latest Exhibition - 14-19 December - Tokyo

In-between - TOKYO

Address: 5-5-12 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Bungeishunju Gallery,104-0061

Gallery telephone contact: 03-3571-6493


14-19 December, 11am-19:00pm


Saturday 19 December 11am-17:30pm


Saturday 19 December 12:30-14:30

The exhibition ‘In-between’ brings together Japanese artist MAYU and British artist Alison Heath, whom met whilst studying on MA Fine Art Printmaking Course at the Royal College of Art London in 2003.  

Although these artists have reached this point from different beginnings each through their own journey, they share a common experience; a sense of detachment to their surroundings that has led them to question the notion of in-between. Standing on the line between these two states all they offer the audiences a chance to escape the everyday and invite them into a space that although holds resemblance to reality will take them on a journey to an imaginary space located in the mind.

Nearest station: Ginza