RCA Secret 2016

As one of the exhibitors I am very excited that its that time of year again! I had the pleasure of attending the 'Artist Party' on Friday evening and have taken a few shots to give you a glimpse! As you can see Artists have been innovative with the postcard format.


This exhibition is a real highlight as its a chance to see such a wide range of processes and ideas around the same postcard format. You also have the wonder of who the artist might be, which is the Grayson Perry, Paula Rego, Zaha Hadid? 

Artists can paint, draw, sketch or even create a 3-d sculpture. Postcards are signed on the back to remain secret and sold for £55 each to raise funds for the RCA Fine Art Student Award Fund! If you can’t make the show, check out all the postcards here http://london.secret.rca.ac.uk/2016/

Potential collectors can view all the postcards in person at the RCA in Kensington or on-line at http://london.secret.rca.ac.uk/2016/#postcards.

All postcards are now on sale on a first come, first served basis, with a maximum of four cards per person. There will also be a raffle for collectors to win a position in the first 50 places in the queue.