Mapping experiments

When I was preparing for my Tokyo exhibition and at the early stages of what went on to become the final prints. I had a number of pencil drawings, experiments from studying numerous Tokyo maps. I am fascinated by maps and enjoy breaking them down and reconstructing them into new spaces and forms, layering and creating new paths to journey through. I went on to explore this by combining them with photography and also as graphic prints, layering the segments of the map, seen here in the series 'Between' and 'Fragments of Space'. 

I have always been intrigued by layering images, shapes and text and the impact this has on the final print, this can be seen in an earlier series 'City of the Imagination' and 'City of A', through to the recent works.  However I decided to explore different materials and experiment with plywood and perspex. Below are a few photographs of the initial outcomes, exploring line and cutout and also layering the materials. These initial ideas are yet to be fully resolved and I am now returning to these experimental cut outs for a future exhibition. 


Experimental works on plywood and perspex - Photographed in my studio ©alisonheath 2016