Location: Jardins de Metis, Canada

I was delighted to be invited by ETLA to collaborate on a submission to this prestigious competition. Our proposal was well received and we reached the final short list. We are now exploring future opportunities to realise this project.

Collaboration Project with Landscape Architect practice ETLA

Project Theme: 
Playsages II – Go Outside and Play!

Project Title: 'Poetry in the Canopies'

Proposal:  4 curved, elegant, tall, tapering periscope shelters within the woodland, which bring views of skies and tree canopies down to earth and an opportunity to reorientate oneself, seeing beyond the woods and the trees. The forms echo the roundness of trees, and provide comfort and shelter to wanderers, and to reconnect with nature.

Places to stop, dwell, rejuvenate, and gain a more intimate relationship with the world. 
These are small structures located on the 4 compass points, north, east, south and west. They offer an alternative, contemplative and playful view of the world which we seldom see, perhaps the canopies of the trees at sunset, perhaps a bird’s nest, perhaps a squirrel foraging. The periscopes would be timber structures, which would be in dialogue with the woodland, merging seasonally through the natural cycles.

Image courtesy of  ETLA

Image courtesy of ETLA