Houxo Que- Live Painting Performance- Sat, 7th April, 2012

I went to see a group exhibition in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo last night. One of the exciting Artists Houxo Que, who has worked with a number of high profile companies including Topshop and Apple internationally did a live performace piece. As you can see from the photographs he creates a luminous installation, combining florescent paints and UV lighting on canvas. This performance was created to live music, responding to the rhythm and emotion as he swirled the paint across the canvas and performed various mark making.

Houxo Que was asked by TopShop in collaboration with Justokyo to produce Live Painting window displays for a large number of their flagship stores: including New York and many stores in the UK, see

In May, 2010 Houxo Que worked with Apple to create the Granimator™ , a free wallpaper creator available at iTunes, see him creating it here